Wednesday, 20 February 2013

GUIDE: (Video) Diablo III Patch 1.0.7

Hey guys, Patch 1.0.7 recently went live for Diablo III. It brought us PvP in "brawling," as well as a whole bunch of new crafted items. Today, I've made a guide on how to access these new features, enjoy!

Hey what up guys, Steve here with a quick video on the two major new features introduced in patch 1.07
First, it's brawling, duelling  arena, whatever you wanna call it. Talk to this guy, Nek the Brawler. He's located here in act 1, here in act 2, and here in act 3. He'll teleport you to a new zone, the ruined chapel and you can fight up to your of your friends in free for all combat.

That's about all there is to it. There's no rewards or even point tracking, it's just a way for you to beat up your friends for e-peen. There's no penalty if you die, your gear doesn't get damaged, and you can leave whenever you want.

Moving on, 1.07 also introduced a new crafting material and some new crafted items. You can grab the recipe for the chest plate off squirt, in act 2 for one and a half million gold. Just like the hellfire ring there is a different flavour for each primary stat, dexterity, intelligence strength and vitality.

The recipes for the gloves, shoulders, wristgaurds and amulets have a chance to drop off any elite pack, BUT, they have an extra chance to drop off mini bosses if you have five stacks of nephalam valour. What do I mean by mini bosses? I mean any boss in an act that isn't the act's end boss, so the skeleton king, maghda and ghom for example.

You'll also need to collect a 'demonic essence' to craft each item. Demonic essences drop randomly from elite packs, but they have a pretty high drop rate, so you should find plenty of them just farming as you normally do.

Once you've taught the recipes to your blacksmith, he can craft the items using one demonic essence, two tomes of secrets and 150,000 gold. These items have a chance to roll a primary stat higher that on ones you can find 'in the wild', so if you've already got some pretty good gear and are looking for upgrades, it's a great alternative to staring at the auction house all day. This is the chest piece I crafted, as you can see it's pretty bitchin.

 Both the crafted items and the demonic essences are bind on account, meaning you can't buy or sell them on the auction house.

Ok that's it for now, please be sure to tell me if I've made a mistake or if you have some more information to add in the comments section.

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