Sunday, 2 June 2013

NEWS: Sunday Update

Hi everybody!

This week's update is a day late because I had my junior high school's sports festival yesterday, and afterwards went to an Izakaya (Japanese pub) with my co-workers and got absolutely plastered.

It was a good festival all up. My school is in a beautiful location at the foot of the mountains, and at this time of year it was just the right amount of sun and cool spring breezes to make the event really enjoyable. As an added bonus this year I was actually given a task. I was in charge of the video camera, so I spent most of the time following the kids around and filming the various events. That is of course when I wasn't being swarmed by elementary school kids who came to watch their older brothers and sisters.

It was nice to actually be included and actually be given a job, however small it was. Usually at these things I just sit around being bored off my ass, so it was nice to actually be treated like another teacher for once.

I'm also pretty sure I got some rad street cred with my teachers at the party, when my Kyoto-sensei (vice principal) showed me his completely clean plate after having some grilled fish. "I ate everything," he boasted, "even the skin and the bones." "まけγͺい!(I'll never lose!)" I replied, turning back to my plate and finishing off my own skin and bones.
Takabayshi Junior High School's Sports Festival (I think the faces are indistinguishable enough to get by Japan's censorship laws)
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