Sunday, 14 April 2013

NEWS: Massive 3 Week Roundup!

What a month! Over the last three weeks, I've been wrapped up in moving house, and starting at a new job, so you can understand that I've been pretty swamped. I have managed to keep a relatively steady update schedule with The Escapist, considering the circumstances, but I have unfortunately been unable to post my regular weekly roundup here on Steve's Game Blog.

Hopefully things should settle down from this point on, and I'll be back to updating every Saturday. I also may have some exciting news about the future of my feature articles.

So, here's a roundup of all the articles I have posted to The Escapist over the last three weeks. Instead of a single "article of the week," I've included my top three. Enjoy!
Top 3 Stories

Okay guys, that's it from me for this week! Be sure to subscribe to my twitter for up-to-date news and blog updates, my youtube channel for gaming videos, and check back here every Saturday for a roundup of my Escapist news pieces!

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