Wednesday, 31 October 2012

ANNOUNCEMENT: Greener Pastures

Hi guys,

I started this blog mainly as a way to push myself to improve my writing, by offering up at least a single piece of content per week. I eventually expanded to two pieces per week, and I feel that my writing has vastly improved as a result. In order to further my strive to my ultimate goal, which is to have a full-time paying job in the games industry, I've taken up a volunteer position at a Melbourne based gaming blog - Non-Fiction Gaming. What does that mean for you, my beautiful, loyal friends and readers? Sadly, this blog will only be updated rarely, whenever I have personal thoughts or opinions to share that don't belong on the Non-fiction Gaming website.

I thank you all for your support. If you enjoyed reading my posts and watching my videos, please bookmark this link to view posts I make over at Non-fiction Gaming (and feel free to read the rest of their content too!). I plan to keep up my current pace of two articles per week, so be sure to check it out every Wednesday and Saturday!

Thank you all again, and I'll see you over at Non-Fiction Gaming!

-Steven 'The Taco Man' Bogos

Thanks for all your support!

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